14 thoughts on “WSOP ME – All Phil Hellmuth 2003/2013 (1/3)”

  1. I love it at 1:02, after his rant at the table, he rants to every table,
    it’s great, they should have a camera on phil at all times. “I can’t even
    tell you what happened to me, it’d make you sick” hahaha I’d love to be
    there to hear his rants.

  2. to be fair to hellmuth, that guy did make an absolute horrible play w/
    KJ…id be pretty annoyed as well

  3. Poker players were pretty shit back in 2003. 5:25 Hellmuth is calling all
    in with aq on a flop of 52k with no flush draw complaining about how bad
    the other guy played it with kj

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