25 thoughts on “WSOP MAIN EVENT 2013 EPISODE 13-14 HD”

  1. what kind of quadrillion computation is mortesen doing in that hand? very
    selfish pro behaviour.

  2. Pro analysis gets on my nerves.. They both would’ve called that full house
    vs full house and they know it

  3. I don’t know why they do this. Show some poker players charitable
    contributions or something. Don’t show this. Makes players and the like
    seem geeky and retarded

  4. I agree. Someone should have called clock on Mortensen earlier than it
    happened. That was just too slow of play.

  5. who is the guy to charge this show? I think the 2013 main event finish
    months ago. The battle for final table already finished. Why this year the
    TV show release so slow? really make people annoying

  6. I think, like Negreano says, 3 minutes is enough for any decision. Sure, it
    may be a huge decision that you might regret, but I think that if you don`t
    know what to do after three minutes, more time isn`t going to help. The
    question is, can you make a better decision after 10 minutes than you can
    after 3? I think the answer is `no`.

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