25 thoughts on “WSOP Europe (Phil Ivey, Isildur1) – Part 2/4”

  1. What… how does that make him wrong? Wait… WHAT!?
    (I know he gambles but your response makes no sense in context to the two comments above you…)

  2. I will man thanks. Pleasure is mine brother. Just remember, don’t suck dick. Be a leader not a follower.

  3. good come back man! well I cant really say it’s been a pleasure, and I know it will be extremely difficult but I hope you enjoy the rest of your sad life.

  4. dam with percentages and everything. You sure you’re not talking about yourself? a little bit maybe? its alright man just sucking on Phil Ivey’s dick and being a fanboy.

  5. haha, I knew when I was writing my last comment that you wouldn’t be able to make a rebuttal to any of it…all you can say is “fan boy, fan boy” what are you 12 years old? oh wait you’re far to bitter to be 12…I would say that you are over 30 judging by how mad you are at the world, I am 100% sure that you have never had sex, and 90% sure that you’ve never kissed a girl…GET A LIFE YOU SAD SAD MAN!

  6. wow, there are so many things wrong with what you just said…you do understand that a person can play perfect poker and still lose right? I said it was strange seeing Phil Ivey make a bad move because Ivey generally gets it in as a favorite at least 90% of the time. Even if Phil Ivey won the hand, I would still see it as strange that he made such a bad mistake you idiot. He is renowned as the best player, and when the best player gets out played, it is strange…do you understand???????????

  7. that was a nice assumption not going to lie. I’ve actually gain some money lost and then won then lost then won then I realized is all luck. And you sir ARE a fanboy. You’re saying that Phil plays almost perfectly? fucking idiot it’s poker. You can’t play perfect in poker. Poker is based on math and luck yea with some experience sure. There are many videos on Ivey making donks moves. Find the one that says Phil ivey mock flush. Enough said.

  8. I’m not quite sure how I’m a fan boy…all I said was it was weird to see Phil Ivey making a bad play as he does not normally make bad plays. If I say that seeing Michael Jordan miss a lay up is strange, does that also make me a Michael Jordan fan boy? you sir are clearly a bitter idiot who probably lost all his money playing poker, and now you spend your worthless time going through poker videos starting fights with people for no reason…enjoy that.

  9. strange? fukin fanboy this is poker. This time Phil wasn’t lucky enough to hit 10’s on the flop like he usually does lol

  10. 8:28 You all call this the best in the world? hahahaha fucking fanboys. All fanboys. Laying down Ace Jack on a 936 board,

  11. you think he made all this by just playing poker? you fukin donk idiot he invests his money in other shit. No one can be the BEST in poker because luck is involved and phil ivey’s really good but also lucky as fuck as Matusow said once.

  12. I’ll tell you why… because this is probably the only video on the whole on youtube in which Ivey doesn’t play well.

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  14. Frustration. He got the first two hands shown mixed up (thinking a flush draw then giving credit for a pair when it was a flush draw). His reads were just off i think. If a pro spots a tell of weakness they have to work out “is their hand weak or are they just scared of me?” Not something I have to worry about lol

  15. in my country we say ” Better chew rather than talk ” . Fits nice to all u overexperienced ppl.

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