25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012: Phil Hellmuth”

  1. maybe if you meet him at poker table and suck out on him he can tell you what a horrible person you are.

  2. Ivey made 5 final tables this year. He is 4 bracelets behind Hellmuth. He has 8 in 10 years of poker. Hellmuth has 12 in like 20 plus years. Look out Ivey will catch up for sure. I still like Hellmuth though he is the man.

  3. i met him last summer in france… he’s nothing like he tends to get portrayed as. nicest guy ever! patient, gracious and attentive, even right after a heartbreaking bust-out…

  4. Yes. I was just kidding with saying died and deathed… did not you understand it?

  5. no matter whatever who say phil hellmuth always the best in my eye
    phil ivey tom dwan and the other? nah they just good at cashgame just let them think they are the best in this world lol

  6. yeah for sure! then get his autograph and tear it up infront of him. “noone really cares about you phil” =D

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