25 thoughts on “WSOP 2012 E27 – Main Event Final Table World Series of Poker 2012”

  1. Sylvia has made an unbelievable number of really questionable moves and
    still gets fucking paid.

  2. 40 million with KQ off. wow. WTF? That is daily dollar play ffs, NOT WSOP
    final table. omg.

  3. Everytime when that Silvia is nervous, he spill out his tongue , Looks like
    he’s sucking a cack…

  4. he didn’t cheat. on day 5 he shoved not knowing a player had raised before
    him and he mucked his hand as he thought the hand was over the player to
    his left folded

  5. And Ausmus! Why do people make it this long only to blow up completely
    unnecessarily on one hand?!

  6. Koroknai ROFL what a moron, how the fck u go all in having all those blinds
    on FT, putting himself at risk KQ off XD

  7. Salaburu’s girl is prob crying because Rob is obviously the type that
    bragged and spent at least 3rd place money before an 8th place win. She
    knows the loan sharks are gonna kill them both now.

  8. A9 was the winner. He knew that. thats where the play was coming from. You
    contend he should fold the best hand because someone is trying to push him
    off it? It was a gutsy call, and it proved to be correct.

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