23 thoughts on “WSOP 2010 Main Event E31-32 Final Table 7/7 World Series of Poker 2010”

  1. Enough of this hating, If Duhamel won it, he won it, he deserves it and you can tell he really wanted it because if that grin on his face after, celebrating like a true Canadian, and like he said on the part 4 break where it showed the clip of him beating Affleck, it was his tournament, luck and preparation can only bring you so far, well done Duhamel

  2. i cant stand dorkhamel i really want to know what happened with cheong. obviously with his 2011 run he is the better player but i do feel bad for jonathan getting his bracelet stolen.

  3. Joseph could at least get the 2nd place if he was smarter and kills Racner first… disappointing. all who think Joseph was unlucky this tournament you’re wrong. To get to the final table you need a shitload of luck and Joseph won some decisive hands with the River

  4. Duhammel won it all. Meh, fluke champion I think. But then again so was Jerry Yang and Jamie Gold. Nothing new there.

  5. well deserved best poker player to play the wsop main event right! genius kid wins him 9mill wut a honor to see him play. GO CANADA!

  6. Edited version donk. Duhamel pushed all in EVERY hand because the blinds were eating Racener. Therefore his K9 suited is very good in that spot because Duhamel shoved every hand…

  7. I agree… Cheong is agressive at the right times, but Duhamel kind of makes really risky and donkey-like calls.

  8. I was watching the entire live stream of the final table…about 6 hours or something along that line…Cheong and Duhamel both played very well. Cheong was especially dominating during the 3-handed play, almost picking up every blinds and antes, until that blow-up.

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