25 thoughts on “World Series Of Poker 2011 Episode 14 The Main Event – 1/4 WSOP”

  1. at 529, fake laugh what a geek lol. he doesnt understand that the “trap” the guy is talking about was preflop, not on the flop.

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  4. I dont agree with everything berlin said, but it is standard play with AJ in early position to raise preflop but fold to a three-bet. What berlin meant was that he trapped him preflop, because if an ace hit the flop he would get a lot more chips than if he had just three-bet and alexander had folded.

    Of course he was steamed from losing that big pot, but there is something to be said for his pre-flop logic.

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  8. Berlin u fckn douche bag biggest ass hole clown stfu “u had nothing”? stfu dude u r clueless about poker Berlin u r a total piece of shit fckn moron

  9. looool you retorted monkey you think this cluless Alexander made scene he sounded way dumber then Berlin.. Berlin obv was making comedy oh and i would love to get pwned every day by akkari for lil less the a half a mill.. if thats what getting pwned is like bring it on every day such crack heads loooooooool…. Berlin is the Bomb Broooklyn!!!!!!!

  10. LOL he obv meant preflop Berlin just took 2nd place for 420k and a big online winner surely he was looking for attention… hes a solid pro…

  11. You traped me with ace high!!!!!!! hahahahahaha reminds me a little bit of Hellmuth

  12. How was he saying Alexander playing A-J wrong. Pair of J on the board, so he raises, Berlin calls with Ace high, and he says the guy played badly. I think he was just focused on his pair of Ace on the turn, he forgot about the possibility of two pairs and was complaining because his K lost to a J. It’s a lost get over it, and focus on the next hands.

  13. o my god he is such a retard hope he feels like a dick…ak trap wtf? cock sucker!

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