24 thoughts on “World Series of Poker 2010 FINAL TABLE Episode 27 7/7”

  1. But my point is that for every person that makes it big in the WSOP there’s a hundred losers, ten or which who lost money they can’t afford to lose, and another few whose lives are ruined. I do admire the guys who put everything on the line because they’re good enough to do so, but I don’t admire the guys who put everything on the line when they had guts but no skill.
    If I start playing for more money, it will be because I have more money to gamble. But I’ll always play within my means.

  2. You have just described the mindset, of Average Joe. You see Average Joe is never a winner. Average Joe likes to sit in his comfort zone. Average Joe is predictable and has first world problems. However the one individual that breaks away from the crowd has a chance to make it. After all, success is the sum of small failures paired with persistence.

  3. Yeah that bugs me too. I’ll admit, out of all the competitive activities, poker probably has the biggest luck component. But the skill vastly outweighs the luck.

  4. I wonder just how many people have said that, and a month later their lives were ruined. They take out loans, go to Vegas with sparkles in their eyes, were out in an hour, figured it was just bad luck so they’d try again … middle middle middle … three tournaments later they go home and the locks are changed because guys with college degrees are raising their children and screwing their wives.
    As for me, I’ll keep my office job, and play for $20-$50 on the weekends.

  5. poor afleck, if it wasnt for duhamels suck out with JJ he wouldnt even be in the top  10

  6. tanto il texas è questione di fortuna per il 90%. il resto è foldare al momento giusto. un gioco per cerebrolesi e ritardati

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  8. That was the shittiest hand I’ve ever seen, that’s worst than winning with a pair of 2’s! HAHAHAHA!

  9. this final win suck, A high lol.
    anyway, he is still winning so who care.
    i like Yang final win in 2007 more, Tuam was like “yes, i got QQ!, i won.” then suddenly, “wtf, he got straight on the river?”.

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