25 thoughts on “World Series of Poker 1989. Johnny Chan vs Phil Hellmuth”

  1. Now that’s a very calm and young Phil lol
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  2. nobody said he was a loser. he set the bar for others. he is well respected and very talented in the field of poker. i just think he isn’t approaching poker the same way he should be. when somebody calls him with a better hand, say 9-10 off and they have a straight to his two pair. he calls them an idiot. well, phil why’d you call them? his mentality is mind boggling sometimes.

  3. Yeah he hasn’t won a bracelet in almost 5 years but in 2011 he finished 2nd in three tournaments.A real loser huh?

  4. The guy announcing is an IDOT , he’s and IDOT , the announcer cant even spell Poker.

  5. K would make Phill a KKK99 and Jonny KKKAQ, I dont understand the reporter, dont they know the game?

  6. Phill Hellmuth Aggressive?  wow Phill must have died and we must be seeing his evil twin now.

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  8. phil hellmuth ruined poker? what? u realise he is one of the best to play the game, he has 11 bracelets! give him some credit

  9. Luckily he didnt whine after the win. He called the raise with A7?? honey he called the raise with A7..

  10. lõl_ì_sîgnêd_ùp_ãt_füll_tìlt_poker

  11. If it wasnt for this hand, we never would have gotten the Phil Hellmuth ego…

    Also, it would have gotten Chan 3 titles in a row, something that would hav stood forever.

    In many ways Phil Hellmuth ruined poker.

  12. Yeah i think he is a bit to full of himself, his main event entrance just cant be normal. Phil Ivey the best player around enters the building quietly and normally. He has to come like a Spartian, a race car driver or whatever his crazy mind cooks up…

  13. guessing Eric forman played by Topher Grace… they have that same 70’s style hairdoo and clothing but not facial 🙂

  14. Exactly what i thought, i guess what they really meant was if a Jack hit the river it would give chan the winning hand hehe, weird to see Phil Hellmuth so childish like ;D

  15. this was the fuckin best main event ever……..2 best players ever, Johnny Chan at the edge of his 3rd straight main event title and the star of phil hellmuth that rose at just this tournament

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