Bitcoin And Coinbase In News

Bitcoin has become popular in the world of online poker games as a leading digital currency.

There is a change that is coming by in this digital currency that rules the virtual world. The US Government has issued a dictum that Bitcoin Exchanges should seek out customer identities when such transactions take place. The name of the company has not been disclosed, but it is one of the leading names in the digital asset exchange segment. The US Justice Department has asked for the company to disclose identities of some of the major customers that they have.

As per a Forbes report, Coinbase is the company who has been asked to disclose people who transfer digital currency and have done so between the end of 2013 and 2015. Continue reading Bitcoin And Coinbase In News

Poker Star Will Promote Natural8

Up n’ coming Filipino gambling firm, Natural8 have hired Asian poker stars for promotion of their site’s in Asia.

In a move the firm has signed Taiwan’s Hu-Chen “Kitty” Kuo, Korean-American Dong Kim and Chinese- Canadian Xuan Liu. They will be promoting Natural8 in Asia-Pacific regions.

Natural8 has made the team of three players and have given a name ‘Team Hot’. The official declaration of ‘Team Hot’ was done at live events in the region. Team Hot will be accompanied by another Chinese poker professional Xiao Chung; he has become ‘Friend of Natural8’. All three poker players have become the hot property of Natural8 and all three have excellent records in the world of poker internationally.

Liu is the hottest young talents from Canada. She had learned poker game at Toronto University in association of several students. Her college mates have also gone high on career such as Mike “Timex” McDonald.

Kitty Kuo, has been recognized as (APY) Asian player of the Year and has made cashes on World Poker Tour. Also to Asia-Pacific Poker Tour (APPT), and (WSOP) World Series of Poker. The player has also reached the final table of an Aussie Million in January 2015. Continue reading Poker Star Will Promote Natural8

Habits Of Successful Players

If you thought that poker was all about luck and needed little preparation that would be a very wrong view of this game.

There are several poker game varieties, but every variety has certain techniques and strategies that need to be known to play the games well. Such knowledge is no less when it comes to the poker experts. If you wish to know how the participants prepare for the poker tournaments, the players will talk about preparations that is no less than any sport or game. As poker is more of a game of strategies and mental abilities, there is a certain state of mind the players need to acquire in order to stay focused and play well.

Those who are expert players and ambassadors of the game have different strategies lined up to help them excel in the game. Some have certain rituals in place which could be quite unusual. Many do several things which they find beneficial to prepare for poker tournaments. Indeed, many will state that doing too much can be detrimental when they are preparing to play in a major poker tournament. Continue reading Habits Of Successful Players

WPT Tournament of Champions: Jaffe tops final table

On Saturday, the final table was all set in the Monster World Poker Tour Tournament with Jonathan Jaffe leading the path with 996000 in chips.

The last 6 poker players would go back on Sunday at 4 pm (local time) to play down to a champ in the very first tournament, and what a final table it is about to be.
The tournaments second day happened with thirty-one of the sixty-four entrants coming back to action. The top 8 positions were set to pay out, and following Justin Young elimination in tenth place, the last 9 joined at one table to erupt the bubble. The very last person to go home with nothing in hand proved to be Ravi Raghavan, garnering the undesirable title of “bubble boy.”
With his riddance, the top 8 finishes attained the money, along with a minimum payout worth US$ 38160. Yevgeniy Timoshenko was the very first to bust, decreasing in 8th spot to Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi. After that, to end out the day as well as set the official World Poker Tour final table, Andy Frankenberger short stack finally yielded and he busted in 7th to Schwartz, garnering US$ 47700.
Continue reading WPT Tournament of Champions: Jaffe tops final table

Charidimos (Harry) Demetriou past record intimates more success in the offing

When one is flipping the poker books for English top-notch players of all time, you cannot skip the profile of Charidimos (Harry) Demetriou. Charidimos has played vibrantly at the international poker circuits where his accomplishments have seen him sail through up the ladder.

A cursory glance at his resume reveals he has both winnings and losses; however, his gains outweigh the failures to a great extent. In fact, his simple poker resume is a paradigm for upcoming players who may give up owing to substantial losses innate in gambling.

Charidimos has final tabled at high-profile poker tournaments where he has reaped great rewards, this includes the WSOP, WPT and Worlds’ Heads-Up Championship. Continue reading Charidimos (Harry) Demetriou past record intimates more success in the offing