25 thoughts on “Phil Ivey WSOP 2013 AMAZING BAD BEAT”

  1. thought the 3 was coming on the river with the title “amazing bad beat”?
    best hand won, how is that a bad beat?

  2. i performed a bad beat a year ago by hitting a one outer to get my K high
    straight flush and beat people out of quite a bit of money.

  3. This is why it’ll be tough for even the best pros to ever win the Main
    Event any time in the future. In addition to having to play at the top of
    your game for several days, you need to avoid pitfalls like this over the
    course of hundreds of hands. Sure set over set is rare, and having the
    worst of it against a bigger stack sucks, but that shit happens and even
    pros know they can’t really avoid it in those spots.

    I know folding even bottom set on the flop is crazy, but is it possible
    that if the flop didn’t have two spades to think someone was just flushing
    that Ivey might have considered getting away from it? Maybe he’s against AT
    and AQ or AK still? I don’t know.

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