22 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth Eliminated – World Series of Poker 2008 WSOP”

  1. Phil is a true pro, he cares about making history not money, if you asked him whether he wanted a bracelet or 10 million he’d say a bracelet

  2. i hate aq on the net..cost me my place in torns so often that i sometimes fold it in early pos.

  3. When you are down to 10bb UTG with 7 left to act with AQo and open shove as you should your chance to be eliminated with that move is indeed small contrary to what one may think. So the term unlucky is justified. Your all in will be called because of being Hellmuth with 99-AA,AK,AQ only. So they all have this only 26% of the time to call you and then lose it 64% of the time (ignoring multiple callers as tiny). So overall 16.6%<<50% of the time you have that hand you will be eliminated.

  4. ‘I get so fu**ing unlucky in this tournament’. Statistically JJ are favourite to win so someone please explain to me how Phil got unlucky.

  5. usually when u have a million draws by the turn, the river is the deuce of spades :D

  6. It’s just so funny to watch him blow up as usual 😀

    But you gotta admit, even if it’s unnecessary, most of the time over the top, Phil is so passionnate, he just love the fucking game. That said, I love it when he rages lol

  7. he never deserves to lose all the decisions he makes are reasonable….. in this WSOP he was unlucky and he still made it to 45 place 😉

  8. Hellmuth never deserves to lose.. that’s just stupid to say..
    altough it’s crazy fun when he does 🙂

  9. yeah, but when i attended ‘camp hellmuth’, he would’nt let me sleep in his tent.

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