24 thoughts on “Matt Damon & Ben Affleck – World Series Of Poker 2009”

  1. Maybe Affleck needs Robin to come and save the day. Just a joke. I loved
    him in daredevil.

  2. Matt looked bored at times.

    If it wasn’t real money, or if it was small change for my bankroll, I might
    be inclined to lose on purpose just so I can leave. Everyone is expecting
    him to stay in until he loses, so it’s not like he can just say “I’m bored”
    and leave.

  3. like he said in the movie.. the nicest guys are generally the worst players
    and Matt Damon is a sweetheart

  4. Poker is a game of luck… until you look at your cards, then it’s all
    skill from then on.

  5. No clue why Matt didn’t value-bet his full house. The other guy checked
    back the turn. Why would he raise the river?

  6. lmfao jen herman all happy when she donks som1 watch when she gets donked
    crys like a baby sore loser

  7. Call with but flush draw is bad because she was getting 3:1 pot odds and
    had 5,55:1 odds to hit aka -EV call 

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