Madsen takes a big lead at PLO

It was 2006 when two gold bracelets were acclaimed by Jeff Madsen at WSOP tournament. After his wonderful success, he was taken as a strong competitor for Phil Hellmuth. But he was not able to prove himself after 2006. The year 2013 can be taken as strong comeback for popular poker pro Jeff Madsen. He has just won his third gold bracelet at WSOP NO limit Hold’em tournament and a huge cash prize. He is happy with this big cash amount but his real victory is WSOP gold bracelet. The year was a big success for Jeff Madsen as he has already made several final tables. He was eagerly waiting for his third gold bracelet and finally he has achieved it.

According to Jeff Madsen, it is not easy to make final table at WSOP tournament. When you are competing against most popular faces, you have to be extra conscious. Try to understand other players performing incredible in front of you.  Poker is a game of skills and luck. You should know how to cheat others to become the ultimate winner. At the same time, you should be enough skilled and lucky to win the final title.

If you are not familiar with the basics then you should learn about the basics first. Once you are sure about basic skills then you can learn advance tricks also. You can learn all these skills online or you can contact some experience player also. Today, there are plenty of online websites where you can register yourself and get a free signup bonus there. With the help of free online bonus, you could easily participate in small poker events. After improving your basic skills, you can take chance for big tournaments also. Today online poker has become a huge platform for all legend poker pros.