25 thoughts on “Big Bluff , Wrong Time – World Series of Poker 2008 WSOP”

  1. Fair comment. I guess that makes this hand a good illustration of how “pot odds” needs to be taken into consideration carefully post-flop.

  2. While Suharto was getting incredible odds on a call there is a good chance he drawing dead on the turn. The reason I say this is because Demidov moved all in so fast that he pretty much had to have AK, AA, KK. While he’d probably tank with a hand like JJ, QQ. AcXc before moving all in, which makes his bluff awful as he’s unlikely to get these hands to fold.

  3. With his stack, for sure. No raise wouldn’t commit him. And when Lon McEachern said Suharto had to fold, that couldn’t have been more wrong. He was getting 7-1 on a call in that spot.

  4. Words cannot describe how badly Suharto played this. When he was 3-bet by Demidov he should have realised he was faced with an all in or fold situation.

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  6. When you’re playing heads up, you’re probably not all that worried about flush draws, or at least you shouldn’t be. There is only about an 11 percent chance of flopping a draw with suited cards.

  7. uhh who wouldnt lead out there with that flush draw on the board when the board is rainbow no draws thats the best time to check a set

  8. read my comment again, realise i was talking about why he raised him to all in, then feel foolish

  9. call the all in? you retarded? he raised all in, then the chink folded. I love how everyone is a professional on Youtube, including myself.

  10. coz he probably had him on ace king, or aces and coz he was pretty pot committed he thought hed call the all in

  11. I don’t like the all in from demidov because the re raise is not enough to make a flush or straight draw fold anyway so what’s the point? Might as well just call and see if there’s a chance he will get the rest of it on the turn or river.

  12. Certainly an understandable play by Suharto. I really like Demidov leading out with the set there. It would have been hard for Suharto to put him on the nuts with such an aggressive play. Demidov definitely could have had something like Qs or Js. I would never have made the play myself (I like to bluff more often and for smaller pots), but I can see where he was coming from.

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