25 thoughts on “Best Knockout Ever – World Series of Poker 2008 WSOP”

  1. Serves him right for saying the bloke looked handsom and thinking he had time beaten on the turn. That’s the problem with going all in.

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  3. Haha rrrudeboi89 you sound Dumb as hell and then you just make it worse by trying to use “big words” incorrectly

  4. Thesis?? Lol. Yea I’m the retard. Learn your big words before you construct them in sentences.

  5. excuse me, but this was just a thesis. you could use some arguments to disprove my thesis. by saying “fucking nerd” you cant convince other people of your opinion. so this looks to me that you cant do any conclusions in your brain. doctors call this “retarded”. thank you

  6. When he showed his cards he was like “i win lol” then before the river “bye-bye” I know he was just being playful, didn’t really know it, but still pretty sick premonition.

  7. he didn’t knew a goddamn fuck, he was just as lucky as possible. he would have lost in most scenarios, with the same bad played hand. you can do it one time, two times, at the third you’re out for sure. trust me.

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  9. Quite an interesting move by Phil Galfond on this hand, but when he saw Cole South’s hand probably regretting his creativeness. Lol i maybe become ritch like him, i just got free 50 $ from PokerFrik site 🙂

  10. akopyan has the chips to call , and bellande is low stack,
    Logically.. that was a good play… cheers

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